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    Người gửi: Đậu Thanh Quân
    Ngày gửi: 10h:10' 14-11-2017
    Dung lượng: 44.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 309
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Năm học : 2016-2017
    Môn thi : Tiếng Anh .
    Thời gian : 120 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

    Question 1 : Pick out the word whose underlined part has the pronunciation different from the rest .
    1. a. sixty b. fly c. simply d. city
    2. a. started b. needed c. finished d. wanted
    3. a. hour b. house c. hear d. hair
    4. a. three b. these c. throw d. think
    5. a. bad b. cat c.village d. match

    Question 2: Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets :
    Last night, when I (come) to visit him , he (do) an experiment upstairs .
    The sewing machine which you (use) at present (invent) in 1830 by a French .
    I (not see) your uncle recently . He (not go) out since he (buy) a new colour TV .
    Every pupil (want) (give) good marks.
    Will you (come) to the party if you (invite)?.
    He (break) his leg while he (play) football .

    (Leave) me alone! I (do) my homework ..
    Linh’s brother (lose) his job last month and since then he (be) out of work .
    I (not have) a good night sleep for a long time. I now feel very tired .
    You (buy) a new school bag by your father two years ago?

    Questio3 : a/ Change the following sentences into the passive voice:
    People don’t use this road very often.
    We will grow a lot of trees in the park.
    He asked us many difficult questions.
    They must widen the road soon.
    Wastes from chemical factories have caused a lot of pollution

    b/ Change the following sentences into the active voice

    1. Many trees are cut down to make paper.
    2. Mrs. Nga had her house painted yesterday .
    3. These doors should be shut before 5 pm.
    4. Are the exercises being done in your classroom
    5. Anh hasn’t been seen by us yet .

    Question 4: Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meanings as directed :

    He hasn’t chatted with his classmates through the internet for ages.
    - It’s ages
    2. Anh spent three hours doing her homework last night.
    - It took Anh
    3. I would like you to help me to put the chair away.
    - Do you mind
    4. Having a vacation abroad is very interesting.
    - It’s interesting .
    5. The water was so cold that the children couldn’t swim in it .
    - The water wasn’t ..
    6. She sang too badly to become a singer .
    - She didn’t ..
    7. “Does your sister have a toy store in Lodon ?”, Jane asked Peter .
    - Jane asked Peter.
    8. This is the best computer I have ever used .
    - I have never ..
    9. What an interesting story book you buy!
    10. "Turn on the radio for me please” said my mother.
    My mother asked

    Question 5: Read the text carefully and choose the best answer to fill in the gap .

    Most people think of the computers as very modern inventions, products of our new technological age. But actually the idea for a computer(1)…... worked out over two centuries ago by a man (2)…. Charles Babbage.
    Babbage was born (3)…..1791 and grew up to be a brilliant mathematician .He drew up plans for several caculating machine (4)….
    He called “engines”. But despite the fact that (5…. .building some of these he never finished any of them . Over the years people have argued (6)…..
    His machines would ever work . Recently, however, the Science Museum in Lodon has finished building (7…...engine based on one of Babbage’s designs.
    (8)….. Has taken six years to complete and more (9)……….
    four thousand parts have been specially made . Whether it works or not , the machine will be
    show at a special exhibition in the Science Museum (10)…….remind
    people of Babbage’s work .
    1. A . has B. was C. had D. is
    2. A. known B. recognized C. written D. called
    3. A. on B. in C. by D. for
    4. A. whose B. who C. these D. which
    5. A. wanted B. made C. started D. missed
    6. A. until B.
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